IB Educational Leadership: Context, Culture and Collaboration.

I am pleased to be invited to present a workshop, which is focused on international educational leadership for teachers and particularly school leaders.

In a world where we have leaders who want to build walls to cause division amongst people, promote racism, intolerance and a Brexit frenzy which has given a voice to racism. Education which promotes international mindedness is needed more than ever right now.

A time which screams for respect, diversity and intercultural awareness that promotes peace and develops caring people who will help us create a more peaceful world.

Perhaps it starts right here with us as a human race. I hope I can spread the word through my work as an educator and develop other like-minded educational leaders who have a huge part to play in shaping the minds of our future people.

Share the message if you have people in your network who are involved in teaching and learning.

Teacher Skills Forum #TSFJo