Approaches to learning and teaching during and after Covid-19

Our approaches for learning and teaching are constantly evolving and centered on the development of student skills in:

  • Thinking
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Self-management

As we continue with teaching our students in school and online through hybrid or blended learning approaches, we continuously develop and apply our own teaching approaches to engage our students during challenging times.


As teachers and school leaders, we plan for approaches to learning (ATL) skills within the written curriculum. We then look at ways to creatively teach specific skills in relation to concepts, relevant and engaging content within contexts through concept-based inquiry strategies. As an example, we may teach the concept of perspective through the development of speaking and writing as a communication skill, where students explore speaking and writing techniques to communicate with a variety of audiences.

Students may share their ideas through speaking, writing or typing in school or online offering their own perspective, or from the perspective of another person or a storybook character. This in return allows students to develop a sense of open-mindedness and intercultural understanding of others or putting ourselves in the shoes of others.


The ongoing Covid-19 situation has opened up many questions and opportunities about our own future and the future of learning. It makes us as parents, teachers and students question what really matters in education. It is very simple. The development of skills is needed more than ever, as we prepare ourselves and our children for future university programs and jobs that do not even exist yet. This also includes an ongoing need for being future ready through technological skills, which are a part of our everyday learning with the use of digital platforms such as Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Zoom and Google applications.

As educators, we must continue to develop essential skills that are transferable beyond just the academics, whilst also nurturing personal health and wellbeing as a priority.


Microsoft: Empowering students to be future ready – link

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